Signature Ways To Save On Plus Size Fashions

We've all heard the word signature piece ten thousand times. That means that you should add a few signature pieces like a ball, a top, a pair of pants, and a cocktail dress to your wardrobe in order to have some go to items that you can dress up and dress down. That doesn't mean that just because you were plus size that you can't have signature pieces. The lower great ways to find some signature pieces and save at the same time.


The Signature Bra

Your signature bra should hold all of your curves in, accentuate your breasts, and make you feel great at the same time. let's face it, the High Street bras just aren't going to cut it. You need to find a bra designer that actually designs with plus-size in mind. If you wear a 40 band and up you will definitely want to check out Lane Bryant. You can also find these items for up to 70% off the retail price when you shop using Groupon coupon codes.


The Signature Top

The signature top. This can be a t-shirt, a plain black dressy shirt, or something with the beautiful pattern. Either way it's something you feel confident wearing all the time and something that flatters your style. Many people opt for a plane signature top like black or navy blue that fits you in all the right places that you can dress up or dress down with a simple pair of earrings or a necklace.


The Signature Pants

Your signature pants are a pair of pants that flatter you from the waist down. You'll get loads of compliments on these pants and they will make you feel super confident in yourself. That's because they are not only slimming in the hip area but they are also make your legs look elongated.  When you are searching for a great pair of signature pants that are also versatile for office and dinner dates out, you should check out Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant offers you loads of different + fashion styles. Your signature pants might not be a pair of pants for the office they might actually be a cute pair of jeans. That make you feel super sexy. Either way, you can get these pants for Less when you shop using the link above and Groupon coupon codes.


The Signature LBD

That's right ladies, I don't care what size you are but everyone needs a little black dress. Even though you are shopping for plus-size fashions you can still rock an LBD like a fashionista.The right LBD for you might not be the right LBD for your best friend. When it comes to buying the perfect little black dress you should definitely try several different styles on. For those with large breasts you may not want something that's a line. For those with more of large hips you may not want something that's ruched. You should definitely talk to one of the sales people or take a friend with you in order to help you make a decision on your signature little black dress.